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Silent City


Silent City is a Community Opera with words and music from children and, older people from Basilicata and Matera in particular, led by the composer Nigel Osborne, together with Italian and international artists. Starting from an investigation on the relationship between city and silence, the Opera tells the story of three boys from the present who one day flee to the forgotten part of their city, an ancient and rocky place. There they meet the child of silence. A story about the discovery not only of a city, but of a collective memory

The Silent City Opera will be staged in Matera on 29 and 30 November and 1 December 2019.

Silent City


Silent City is a co-creation of a contemporary community opera, developed and created in Matera between 2018 and 2019 with residents of Basilicata and specifically of the city of Matera, with well known artists both local and international. The project comes from a co-production between Fondazione Matera – Basilicata 2019 and Compagnia Teatrale l’Albero. For this collaboration, L’Albero invited artistic partners with whom they share the same vision on the arts and particularly on music:

Orchestra Senzaspine from Bologna which is made up of young professional musicians, known for its personal approach to audiences and the classical repertoire and also for the cultural and urban renewal ‘Mercato Sonato’ of Bologna; Opera Circus, a UK performing arts organisation is a co-producer. The local partners include the UniversaMusica, part of Università degli Studi della Basilicata representing both conservatories of Potenza and Matera; Materahub, association of business supporting the internationalization of Italian Cultural and Creative industries; and finally the music school Il Setticlavio, involved in the field of innovation of music education for children.

Communities are involved at all stages of creation, from dramaturgy and composition to the scene and costume design, creating a co-collaboration with the artists. The artistic exploration of ‘Silent City’ begins from a relationship: the City and its Silence. In Matera it started from a strong impact, from a specific place full of contrasts that inevitably fascinates its visitors when they arrive: buildings vs nature, inhabited vs abandoned, sounds vs silence. This was the specific heart of the work during the co-creation process.

Silent City


We are looking for 1 dancer (male/female) for the Opera production "Silent City" with a strong contemporary dance technique. Age on stage: 13/18. Real age: 15 years old minimum
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Silent City


Silent City is a project by Matera European Capital of Culture 2019,
created and co-produced by Compagnia Teatrale L'Albero and Fondazione Matera-Basilicata 2019.

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